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AND01 A Bluetooth toy car control realization by android equipment. Synopsis
AND02 A decentralized Smartphone based Traffic Information System. Synopsis
AND03 A learning support environment for earthquake disaster with a simulation of furniture falling by mobile AR. Synopsis
AND04 A Machine Learning Approach to Android Malware Detection. Synopsis
AND05 A method of simultaneously displaying a passing person and his/her message on the same screen space. Synopsis
AND06 A New Generation Children Tracking System Using Bluetooth MANET Composed of Android Mobile Terminals. Synopsis
AND07 A public safety application of GPS-enabled Smartphone’s and the android operating system. Synopsis
AND08 A resilience wireless enhancement for neighborhood watching system. Synopsis
AND09 A Universal Push Service for Mobile Devices. Synopsis
AND10 Acceleration and Orientation Multi sensor Pedometer Application Design and Implementation on the Android Platform. Synopsis
AND11 An Aggregate Functional Software Architecture on Android for End-2-End Real-Time Interactive Content Management to Cater IPTV Services on Digital Handheld Devices. Synopsis
AND12 An Android system design and implementation for Telematics services. Synopsis
AND13 An android-based emergency alarm and healthcare management system. Synopsis
AND14 An optimizing scheme for wireless video transmission on Android platform. Synopsis
AND15 Android application for sending SMS messages with speech recognition interface. Synopsis
AND16 Android as a server platform. Synopsis
AND17 Android based solution for Indian agriculture. Synopsis
AND18 Android Based Wireless Location and Surrounding Search System Design. Synopsis
AND19 Android botnets on the rise: Trends and characteristics Synopsis
AND20 Android city tour guide system based on Web service. Synopsis
AND21 Android on Mobile Devices: An Energy Perspective. Synopsis
AND22 Android power management: Current and future trends. Synopsis
AND23 Android Smartphone: Battery saving service. Synopsis
AND24 Android suburban railway ticketing with GPS as ticket checker. Synopsis
AND25 Android: Changing the Mobile Landscape. Synopsis
AND26 Android4TV: A proposition for integration of DTV in Android devices. Synopsis
AND27 Android-based exercise application. Synopsis
AND28 Automatic brightness control of the handheld device display with low illumination. Synopsis
AND29 Cloud to Device Push Messaging on Android. Synopsis
AND30 Collecting earthquake disaster area information using smart phone. Synopsis
AND31 Content-aware smart remote control for Android-based TV. Synopsis
AND32 Daily life activity tracking application for smart homes using android Smartphone. Synopsis
AND33 Daily Mood Assessment Based on Mobile Phone Sensing. Synopsis
AND34 Database refactoring and regression testing of Android mobile applications. Synopsis
AND35 Design and implement of 3G mobile police system. Synopsis
AND36 Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Information Integration System Based on Android Mobile Terminals. Synopsis
AND37 Design and Implementation of Android Phone Surveillance System. Synopsis
AND38 Design and implementation of automatic number plate recognition on android platform. Synopsis
AND39 Design and implementation of digital TV widget for Android on multi-core platform. Synopsis
AND40 Design and implementation of doctor-patient interaction system based on android. Synopsis
AND41 Design of secure location and message sharing system for android platform. Synopsis
AND42 Detection of SMS spam messages on mobile phones. Synopsis
AND43 Development of an android system integrated with sensor networks. Synopsis
AND44 Development of motion-maker for an android. Synopsis
AND45 Droid Mat: Android Malware Detection through Manifest and API Calls Tracing. Synopsis
AND46 Energy consumption in android phones when using wireless communication technologies. Synopsis
AND47 Environment sensing using Smartphone. Synopsis
AND48 Evaluation of Bluetooth Hands-Free profile for sensors applications in smartphone platforms. Synopsis
AND49 Face recognition implementation for client server mobile application using PCA. Synopsis
AND50 Forthroid on Android: A QR-code based information access system for smart phones. Synopsis
AND51 Google’s android as an application environment for DTV decoder system. Synopsis
AND52 How to Display the Data from Database by ListView on Android. Synopsis
AND53 Implementation of a Mobile Device to Determine Danger in a Great City Based on Ubiquity. Synopsis
AND54 Implementation of an Android Phone Based Video Streamer. Synopsis
AND55 Implementation of cuff-less continuous blood pressure measurement system based on Android. Synopsis
AND56 Improving the Energy-Efficiency of GPS Based Location Sensing Smartphone Applications. Synopsis
AND57 Indoor WiFi positioning system for Android-based smartphone. Synopsis
AND58 Learning Sorting Algorithms with Mobile Devices. Synopsis
AND59 Live video streaming for mobile devices: An application on android platform. Synopsis
AND60 Location based services using android (LBSOID). Synopsis
AND61 Location-based intelligent services of scenic areas. Synopsis
AND62 Location-based intelligent services of scenic areas. Synopsis
AND63 Low vision assistance using face detection and tracking on android smartphones. Synopsis
AND64 Luxus SMS controller for android based smart phones. Synopsis
AND65 Mobile animal tracking systems using light sensor for efficient power and cost saving motion detection. Synopsis
AND66 Mobile sensor data collector using Android smartphone. Synopsis
AND67 Mobile-free driving with Android phones: System design and performance. Evaluation. Synopsis
AND68 M-traveling: Experiences using mobile applications in tourism. Synopsis
AND69 M-travelling: Experiences using mobile applications in tourism. Synopsis
AND70 Offloading Android applications to the cloud without customizing Android. Synopsis
AND71 On Route Travel Assistant for Public Transport Based on Android Technology. Synopsis
AND72 On Route Travel Assistant for Public Transport Based on Android Technology. Synopsis
AND73 One Implementation of adaptive streaming over HTTP on Android DTV platform. Synopsis
AND74 One proposal of usage of DLNA services on DTV devices and implementation on Android based DTV platform. Synopsis
AND75 Portable heart rate detector based on photoplethysmography with android programmable devices. Synopsis
AND76 Privacy-Aware Communication for Smart phones Using Vibration. Synopsis
AND77 Real-time video processing using native programming on Android platform. Synopsis
AND78 Research and design of chatting room system based on Android Bluetooth. Synopsis
AND79 Research on Bluetooth expansion of communication based on android system. Synopsis
AND80 Research on media player based on Android. Synopsis
AND81 Research on Mobile Location Service Design Based on Android. Synopsis
AND82 Share your view: Wireless multi-hop video streaming using Android phones. Synopsis
AND83 Shopping application system with Near Field Communication (NFC) based on Android. Synopsis
AND84 SMS compression using arithmetic coding modification. Synopsis
AND85 Soft Real-Time Scheduling in Google Earth. Synopsis
AND86 Speed estimation and travel direction-detection using handover in GSM: Stability analysis and experimental results in Egypt roads. Synopsis
AND87 System Development for Violence Mapping in a Social Network in Real Time. Synopsis
AND88 Systems for remote monitoring of indoor air quality and respiration of wheelchair users. Synopsis
AND89 Teaching computing and programming fundamentals via App Inventor for Android. Synopsis
AND90 The Analyze of Android's microphone audio streaming BeatME. Synopsis
AND91 The Android Application Development College Challenge. Synopsis
AND92 The architecture design of streaming media applications for Android OS. Synopsis
AND93 The Design of an Intelligent Pedometer Using Android. Synopsis
AND94 Toward Remote Service Invocation in Android. Synopsis
AND95 TV controlled via Android application. Synopsis
AND96 Unified platform for the delivery of notifications to smart phones notification. Synopsis
AND97 Video Based Real-World Remote Target Tracking on Smartphones. Synopsis
AND98 Web based remote exploration and control system using android mobile phone. Synopsis
AND99 Mobile Application Based on Brand Showroom. Synopsis
AND100 Web Service to Deliver Filtered RSS Items to a Mobile Application. Synopsis