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N7CM01 A Convex Approach to Near-Optimal Beamforming Designs for Two-User MISO Fading Interference Channels PDF/DOC
N7CM02 A Cooperative SWIPT Scheme for Wirelessly Powered Sensor Networks PDF/DOC
N7CM03 A Hybrid Energy Sharing Framework for Green Cellular Networks PDF/DOC
N7SP04 A New Degree of Freedom For Energy Efficiency of Digital Communication Systems PDF/DOC
N7CM05 A Novel Hybrid Beamforming Algorithm With Unified Analog Beamforming by Subspace Construction Based on Partial CSI for Massive MIMO-OFDM Systems PDF/DOC
N7CM06 Adaptive Filtering Based on Time-Averaged MSE for Cyclostationary Signals PDF/DOC
N7CM07 Adaptive Time-Switching Based Energy Harvesting Relaying Protocols PDF/DOC
N7CM08 Adaptive Transmission Protocols for Fountain-Coded Multicast in Packet Radio Networks PDF/DOC
N7CM09 Adaptive Weighted Sensing With Simultaneous Transmission for Dynamic Primary User Traffic PDF/DOC
N7CM10 An Adaptive Transmission Scheme for Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Networks PDF/DOC
N7CM11 An Effective Multiuser Detection Scheme for MPR Random Access Networks PDF/DOC
N7CM12 Analysis of D2D Underlaid Cellular Networks SIR Meta Distribution and Mean Local Delay PDF/DOC
N7CM13 Coverage Analysis of Packet Multi-Tier Networks With Asynchronous Slots PDF/DOC
N7CM14 Discrete-Phase Constant Envelope Precoding for Massive MIMO Systems PDF/DOC
N7CM15 Analog Transmission of Correlated Sources Over Fading SIMO Multiple Access Channels PDF/DOC
N7CM16 Effective Capacity of NOMA and a Suboptimal Power Control Policy With Delay QoS PDF/DOC
N7CM17 Hybrid Iterative Space-Time Equalization for Multi-User mmW Massive MIMO Systems PDF/DOC
N7CM18 Exploiting Full-Duplex Receivers for Achieving Secret Communications in Multiuser MISO Networks PDF/DOC
N7CM19 Joint Transceiver Designs for Full-Duplex K-Pair MIMO Interference Channel with SWIPT PDF/DOC
N7CM20 Scattered Pilots-Based Frequency Synchronization for Multiuser OFDM Systems With Large Number of Receive Antennas PDF/DOC
N7CM21 The DoF Region of the Three-Receiver Gaussian MIMO Broadcast Channel With Receiver Message Side Information PDF/DOC
N7CM22 Transport Capacity Analysis of Wireless In-Band Full Duplex Ad Hoc Networks PDF/DOC
N7CM23 Joint Millimeter-Wave Fronthaul and OFDMA Resource Allocation in Ultra-Dense CRAN PDF/DOC
N7CM24 Compressive Sensing-Based Beamforming for Millimeter-Wave OFDM Systems PDF/DOC
N7CM25 Interference-Aware Energy Efficiency Maximization in 5G Ultra-Dense Networks PDF/DOC
N7CM26 On the Capacity of Bandlimited Optical Intensity Channels With Gaussian Noise PDF/DOC
N7CM27 The Capacity of Gaussian MIMO Channels Under Total and Per-Antenna Power Constraints PDF/DOC
N7CM28 Underlay Cognitive Multihop MIMO Networks With and Without Receive Interference Cancellation PDF/DOC
N7CM29 Transmit Beamforming and Power Control for Optimizing the Outage Probability Fairness in MISO Networks PDF/DOC
N7CM30 MIMO Transmission for Single-Fed ESPAR With Quantized Loads PDF/DOC
N7CM31 Joint Multiuser Detection of Multidimensional Constellations Over Fading Channels PDF/DOC
N7CM32 Delay-Optimal Buffer-Aware Scheduling With Adaptive Transmission PDF/DOC
N7CM33 Performance Analysis of Receive Space Modulation in the Shadowing MIMO Broadcast Channel PDF/DOC
N7CM34 Optimal Dynamic Multicast Scheduling for Cache-Enabled Content-Centric Wireless Networks PDF/DOC
N7CM35 Link Regimes Analysis for Partial Decode-Forward Two-Way Relay Transmission PDF/DOC
N7CM36 Energy-Efficient Secrecy in Wireless Networks Based on Random Jamming PDF/DOC
N7CM37 On Optimality of Myopic Policy in Multi-Channel Opportunistic Access PDF/DOC
N7CM38 Multi-User Visible Light Communication Broadcast Channels With Zero-Forcing Precoding PDF/DOC
N7CM39 Joint Uplink Radio Access and Fronthaul Reception Using MMSE Estimation PDF/DOC
N7CM40 Modeling and Analysis of SCMA Enhanced D2D and Cellular Hybrid Network PDF/DOC
N7CM41 On Adaptive Power Control for Energy Harvesting Communication Over Markov Fading Channels PDF/DOC
N7CM42 Energy Harvesting-Based D2D-Assisted Machine-Type Communications PDF/DOC
N7CM43 Joint Source-Relay Secure Precoding for MIMO Relay Networks With Direct Links PDF/DOC
N7CM44 Power-Constrained Secrecy Rate Maximization for Joint Relay and Jammer Selection Assisted Wireless Networks PDF/DOC
N7CM45 Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum Allocation in Heterogeneous Networks PDF/DOC
N7CM46 Modeling and Performance Analysis of Wireless Networks With Ambient Backscatter Devices PDF/DOC
N7CM47 Noncoherent Short Packet Detection and Decoding for Scatter Radio Sensor Networking PDF/DOC
N7CM48 Network Synchronization for Mobile Device-to-Device Systems PDF/DOC
N7CM49 Optimal Data Scheduling and Admission Control for Backscatter Sensor Networks PDF/DOC
N7CM50 On the Performance of Reconfigurable Distributed MIMO in Mobile Networks PDF/DOC