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Data Mining Projects 2017-2018


N7DM01 A Novel Cost-Based Model for Data Repairing PDF/DOC
N7DM02 A Proactive Workflow Model for Healthcare Operation and Management PDF/DOC
N7DM03 A Query-Driven Approach to Entity Resolution PDF/DOC
N7DM04 An Efficient Dynamic Density Estimator for Data Streams PDF/DOC
N7DM05 Analyzing Sentiments in One Go A Supervised Joint Topic Modeling Approach PDF/DOC
N7DM06 Collaboratively Training Sentiment Classifiers for Multiple Domains PDF/DOC
N7DM07 Computing Semantic Similarity of Concepts in Knowledge Graphs PDF/DOC
N7DM08 Context-Aware Proactive Content Caching With Service Differentiation in Wireless Networks PDF/DOC
N7DM09 Continuous Top-k Monitoring on Document Streams PDF/DOC
N7DM10 Data-Driven Adaptive Optimal Control of Connected Vehicles PDF/DOC
N7DM11 Diagnosing Performance Variations by Comparing Multi-Level Execution Traces PDF/DOC
N7DM12 Distributed Aggregate Privacy-Preserving Authentication in VANETs PDF/DOC
N7DM13 Distributed Multicast Tree Construction in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF/DOC
N7DM14 Dynamic Facet Ordering for Faceted Product Search Engines PDF/DOC
N7DM15 Efficient Metric Indexing for Similarity Search and Similarity Joins PDF/DOC
N7DM16 Efficient Pattern-Based Aggregation on Sequence Data PDF/DOC
N7DM17 Efficient Top-k Dominating Computation on Massive Data PDF/DOC
N7DM18 Energy-Efficient Query Processing in Web Search Engines PDF/DOC
N7DM19 Enumeration of Maximal Cliques from an Uncertain Graph PDF/DOC
N7DM20 Event-Trigger Based Robust-Optimal Control for Energy Harvesting Transmitter PDF/DOC
N7DM21 Exact Reconstruction From Insertions in Synchronization Codes PDF/DOC
N7DM22 Feature Selection by Maximizing Independent Classification Information PDF/DOC
N7DM23 Hybrid Spectrum Sharing in mmWave Cellular Networks PDF/DOC
N7DM24 Identity-Based Data Outsourcing With Comprehensive Auditing in Clouds PDF/DOC
N7DM25 Incremental Subgraph Feature Selection for Graph Classification PDF/DOC
N7DM26 Keyword Search over Distributed Graphs with Compressed Signature PDF/DOC
N7DM27 Metric Similarity Joins Using MapReduce PDF/DOC
N7DM28 Omic and Electronic Health Record Big Data Analytics for Precision Medicine PDF/DOC
N7DM29 Patient Flow Prediction via Discriminative Learning of Mutually-Correcting Processes PDF/DOC
N7DM30 Personal Web Revisitation by Context and Content Keywords with Relevance Feedback PDF/DOC
N7DM31 Power–Delay Tradeoff in Wireless Powered Communication Networks PDF/DOC
N7DM32 Preserving Privacy with Probabilistic Indistinguishability in Weighted Social Networks PDF/DOC
N7DM33 Privacy-Cost Trade-offs in Demand-Side Management With Storage PDF/DOC
N7DM34 Query Reorganization Algorithms for Efficient Boolean Information Filtering PDF/DOC
N7DM35 Real-Time Prediction and Control of Transient Stability Using Transient Energy Function PDF/DOC
N7DM36 Robust Stereo Data Cost With a Learning Strategy PDF/DOC
N7DM37 Scalable Iterative Classification for Sanitizing Large-Scale Datasets PDF/DOC
N7DM38 Searching Trajectories by Regions of Interest PDF/DOC
N7DM39 Secure Transmission of Delay-Sensitive Data Over Wireless Fading Channels PDF/DOC
N7DM40 Semantically Smooth Embedding for Knowledge Graphs PDF/DOC
N7DM41 Signal Processing on Graphs Causal Modeling of Unstructured Data PDF/DOC
N7DM42 Space-Dimension Models of Spectrum Usage for Cognitive Radio Networks PDF/DOC
N7DM43 Sparse Poisson Latent Block Model for Document Clustering PDF/DOC
N7DM44 Spectral Ensemble Clustering via Weighted K-Means Theoretical and Practical Evidence PDF/DOC
N7DM45 Stealthy Attacks in Dynamical Systems Tradeoffs Between Utility and Detectability With Application in Anonymous Systems PDF/DOC
N7DM46 Tensor Decompositions for Identifying Directed Graph Topologies and Tracking Dynamic Networks PDF/DOC
N7DM47 The Interaction Between Schema Matching and Record Matching in Data Integration PDF/DOC
N7DM48 Trajectory Community Discovery and Recommendation by Multi-Source Diffusion Modeling PDF/DOC
N7DM49 Ultrasound Standard Plane Detection Using a Composite Neural Network Framework PDF/DOC
N7DM50 Understand Short Texts by Harvesting and Analyzing Semantic Knowledge PDF/DOC