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IEEE Projects Network Security 2017-2018  

N7NT01 Efficient and Confidentiality-Preserving Content-Based PublishSubscribe with Prefiltering PDF/DOC
N7NT02 Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Min and k th Min Computations in Mobile Sensing Systems PDF/DOC
N7NT03 Efficient Privacy-Preserving Facial Expression Classification PDF/DOC
N7NT04 Generic Soft-Error Detection and Correction for Concurrent Data Structures PDF/DOC
N7NT05 Hardness of Firewall Analysis PDF/DOC
N7NT06 High Performance and High Scalable Packet Classification Algorithm for Network Security Systems PDF/DOC
N7NT07 Large-Scale Automated Software Diversity‚ÄĒProgram Evolution Redux PDF/DOC
N7NT08 Local Recovery for High Availability in Strongly Consistent Cloud Services PDF/DOC
N7NT09 My Privacy My Decision Control of Photo Sharing on Online Social Networks PDF/DOC
N7NT10 On Emerging Family of Elliptic Curves to Secure Internet of Things ECC Comes of Age PDF/DOC
N7NT11 Optimized Identity-Based Encryption from Bilinear Pairing for Lightweight Devices PDF/DOC
N7NT12 Robustness-Driven Resilience Evaluation of Self-Adaptive Software Systems PDF/DOC
N7NT13 Secure and Private Data Aggregation for Energy Consumption Scheduling in Smart Grids PDF/DOC
N7NT14 SMA A System-Level Mutual Authentication for Protecting Electronic Hardware and Firmware PDF/DOC
N7NT15 Towards a Reliable Detection of Covert Timing Channels over Real-Time Network Traffic PDF/DOC
N7NT16 Trapdoor computational fuzzy extractors and stateless cryptographically-secure physical unclonable functions PDF/DOC
N7NT17 Universally Composable RFID Mutual Authentication PDF/DOC
N7NT18 Using Virtual Machine Allocation Policies to Defend against Co-Resident Attacks in Cloud Computing PDF/DOC
N7NT19 A Novel Class of Robust Covert Channels Using Out-of-Order Packets PDF/DOC
N7NT20 A Novel Efficient Remote Data Possession Checking Protocol in Cloud Storage PDF/DOC
N7NT21 A Traceback Attack on Freenet PDF/DOC
N7NT22 An Efficient Lattice Based Multi-Stage Secret Sharing Scheme PDF/DOC
N7NT23 Delay-Based Location Verification for the Internet PDF/DOC
N7NT24 Detecting and Preventing Kernel Rootkit Attacks with Bus Snooping PDF/DOC
N7NT25 Don't fool Me! Detection, Characterisation and Diagnosis of Spoofed and Masked Events in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF/DOC