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IEEE Networking Projects 2017-2018  

N7NW01 A Generic Framework for Modeling MAC Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW02 A Novel Cluster Head Selection Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Clustering and Particle Swarm Optimization PDF/DOC
N7NW03 A Scalable Counter Architecture for Per-Flow Traffic Measurement PDF/DOC
N7NW04 Accurate Per-Packet Delay Tomography in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW05 Adaptive Influence Maximization in Dynamic Social Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW06 Amazon in the White Space Social Recommendation Aided Distributed Spectrum Access PDF/DOC
N7NW07 Asymptotic Analysis on Content Placement and Retrieval in MANETs PDF/DOC
N7NW08 Blind Synchronization in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW09 Caching Transient Data in Internet Content Routers PDF/DOC
N7NW10 Collaborative Joint Training With Multitask Recurrent Model for Speech and Speaker Recognition PDF/DOC
N7NW11 Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Polyphonic Sound Event Detection PDF/DOC
N7NW12 Delay Anonymity Tradeoff in Mix Networks Optimal Routing PDF/DOC
N7NW13 Deterministic Broadcasting and Random Linear Network Coding in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW14 Efficient Bandwidth Guarantee Under Traffic Variability in Datacenters PDF/DOC
N7NW15 Enabling Fast and Slow Lanes for Content Providers Using Software Defined Networking PDF/DOC
N7NW16 Enhancing Mobile Networks With Software Defined Networking and Cloud Computing PDF/DOC
N7NW17 Exploring Connected Dominating Sets in Energy Harvest Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW18 Feedback Delay Networks Echo Density and Mixing Time PDF/DOC
N7NW19 Guaranteeing Deadlines for Inter-Data Center Transfers PDF/DOC
N7NW20 Improved Utility-Based Congestion Control for Delay-Constrained Communication PDF/DOC
N7NW21 Incentivized Campaigning in Social Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW22 Lifetime-Aware ISP Networks Optimal Formulation and Solutions PDF/DOC
N7NW23 Managing Redundant Content in Bandwidth Constrained Wireless Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW24 Maximum-a-Posteriori-Based Decoding for End-to-End Acoustic Models PDF/DOC
N7NW25 Mobile Edge Cloud Network Design Optimization PDF/DOC
N7NW26 Multitask Learning of Context-Dependent Targets in Deep Neural Network Acoustic Models PDF/DOC
N7NW27 Network Capability in Localizing Node Failures via End-to-End Path Measurements PDF/DOC
N7NW28 Network Coding Schemes for Data Exchange Networks With Arbitrary Transmission Delays PDF/DOC
N7NW29 On the Problem of Optimal Path Encoding for Software-Defined Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW30 Online Allocation of Virtual Machines in a Distributed Cloud PDF/DOC
N7NW31 Online Auctions in IaaS Clouds Welfare and Profit Maximization With Server Costs PDF/DOC
N7NW32 Optimal Monitor Assignment for Preferential Link Tomography in Communication Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW33 Optimal Power Allocation and Scheduling Under Jamming Attacks PDF/DOC
N7NW34 Optimal Rule Caching and Lossy Compression for Longest Prefix Matching PDF/DOC
N7NW35 Optimally Approximating the Coverage Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW36 Pandas Robust Locality-Aware Scheduling With Stochastic Delay Optimality PDF/DOC
N7NW37 Path-Based Epidemic Spreading in Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW38 Perfectly Periodic Scheduling of Collective Data Streams PDF/DOC
N7NW39 Prediction and Validation of Disease Genes Using HeteSim Scores PDF/DOC
N7NW40 Robust and Efficient Monitor Placement for Network Tomography in Dynamic Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW41 Robust Downbeat Tracking Using an Ensemble of Convolutional Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW42 Robust Harmonic Features for Classification-Based Pitch Estimation PDF/DOC
N7NW43 Robust Reachability of Boolean Control Networks PDF/DOC
N7NW44 SAF Stochastic Adaptive Forwarding in Named Data Networking PDF/DOC
N7NW45 Scheduling in Densified Networks Algorithms and Performance PDF/DOC
N7NW46 Self-Stabilized Distributed Network Distance Prediction PDF/DOC
N7NW47 Sensitivity Analysis on Service-Driven Network Planning PDF/DOC
N7NW48 Signal-Dependent Penalty Functions for Robust Acoustic Multi-Channel Equalization PDF/DOC
N7NW49 Social Norm Incentives for Network Coding in Manets PDF/DOC
N7NW50 Tunable QoS-Aware Network Survivability PDF/DOC