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N7NS01 An End-to-End Implanted Brain–Machine Interface Antenna System Performance Characterizations and Development PDF/DOC
N7NS02 An End-to-End Model of Plant Pheromone Channel for Long Range Molecular Communication PDF/DOC
N7NS03 Bargaining Over the Fair Trade-Off Between Secrecy and Throughput in OFDM Communications PDF/DOC
N7NS04 Bid and Time Truthful Online Auctions in Dynamic Spectrum Markets PDF/DOC
N7NS05 Buffer-Aided Relaying With Discrete Transmission Rates for the Two-Hop Half-Duplex Relay Network PDF/DOC
N7NS06 Calibration of Nonlinear Crosstalk in MIMO Transmitter

N7NS07 Capacity Results for the Multicast Cognitive Interference Channel PDF/DOC
N7NS08 Characterizing Passenger Flow for a Transportation Hub Based on Mobile Phone Data PDF/DOC
N7NS09 Characterizing the 2.4 GHz Spectrum in a Hospital Environment Modeling and Applicability to Coexistence Testing of Medical Devices PDF/DOC
N7NS10 Common Codebook Millimeter Wave Beam Design Designing Beams for Both Sounding and Communication With Uniform Planar Arrays PDF/DOC
N7NS11 Communication-Efficient Distributed Demand Response A Randomized ADMM Approach PDF/DOC
N7NS12 Cooperative Simultaneous Localization and Synchronization in Mobile Agent Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS13 Cost-Effective Mapping between Wireless Body Area Networks and Cloud Service Providers Based on Multi-Stage Bargaining PDF/DOC
N7NS14 Coverage Analysis of Packet Multi-Tier Networks With Asynchronous Slots PDF/DOC
N7NS15 Cross-Layer Design for Downlink Multihop Cloud Radio Access Networks With Network Coding PDF/DOC
N7NS16 Data-Driven Adaptive Optimal Control of Connected Vehicles PDF/DOC
N7NS17 Decoupled Uplink and Downlink in a Wireless System With Buffer-Aided Relaying PDF/DOC
N7NS18 Delay-Sensitive Area Spectral Efficiency A Performance Metric for Delay-Constrained Green Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS19 Delta–Sigma Encoder for Low-Power Wireless Bio-Sensors Using Ultrawideband Impulse Radio PDF/DOC
N7NS20 Demonstration of a Passive Wireless Radiation Detector Using Fully-Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator Variable Capacitors PDF/DOC
N7NS21 Diaper-Embedded Urinary Tract Infection Monitoring Sensor Module Powered by Urine-Activated Batteries PDF/DOC
N7NS22 Direct Localization for Massive MIMO PDF/DOC
N7NS23 Distributed Interference and Energy-Aware Power Control for Ultra-Dense D2D Networks A Mean Field Game PDF/DOC
N7NS24 Distributed MIMO Broadcasting Reverse Compute-and-Forward and Signal-Space Alignment PDF/DOC
N7NS25 Distributed Space-Time Coding Based on the Self-Coding of RLI for Full-Duplex Two-Way Relay Cooperative Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS26 Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff in an Interweave Multiuser Cognitive Radio System PDF/DOC
N7NS27 Dynamic Secrets and Secret Keys Based Scheme for Securing Last Mile Smart Grid Wireless Communication PDF/DOC
N7NS28 Dynamic Spectrum Management A Complete Complexity Characterization PDF/DOC
N7NS29 Dynamic Subarrays for Hybrid Precoding in Wideband mmWave MIMO Systems PDF/DOC
N7NS30 Efficient Ambiguity Resolution in Wireless Localization Systems PDF/DOC
N7NS31 Electromagnetic Emission-Aware Schedulers for the Uplink of OFDM Wireless Communication Systems PDF/DOC
N7NS32 Energy and Spectral Efficiency of Cellular Networks With Discontinuous Transmission PDF/DOC
N7NS33 Energy Efficient Algorithms for Real-Time Traffic Over Fading Wireless Channels PDF/DOC
N7NS34 Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation for Mobile-Edge Computation Offloading PDF/DOC
N7NS35 Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation for Wireless Powered Massive MIMO System With Imperfect CSI PDF/DOC
N7NS36 Energy-Efficient Scheduling for mmWave Backhauling of Small Cells in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS37 Energy-Efficient Secrecy in Wireless Networks Based on Random Jamming PDF/DOC
N7NS38 EnergyQuality-of-Experience TradeOff of Power Saving Modes for Voice Over IP Services PDF/DOC
N7NS39 Enhanced Deployment Algorithms for Heterogeneous Directional Mobile Sensors in a Bounded Monitoring Area PDF/DOC
N7NS40 Equivalent Discrete-Time Channel Modeling for Molecular Communication With Emphasize on an Absorbing Receiver PDF/DOC
N7NS41 ER-CRLB An Extended Recursive Cramér–Rao Lower Bound Fundamental Analysis Method for Indoor Localization Systems PDF/DOC
N7NS42 Flow Allocation for Maximum Throughput and Bounded Delay on Multiple Disjoint Paths for Random Access Wireless Multihop Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS43 Full-Duplex Meets Multiuser MIMO Comparisons and Analysis PDF/DOC
N7NS44 Fundamental Limits of Cache-Aided Interference Management PDF/DOC
N7NS45 Fuzzy Integral With Particle Swarm Optimization for a Motor-Imagery-Based Brain–Computer Interface PDF/DOC
N7NS46 Generalized Satisfaction Equilibrium for Service-Level Provisioning in Wireless Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS47 Group Cooperation With Optimal Resource Allocation in Wireless Powered Communication Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS48 High Gain Dual-Band Beam-Steering Transmit Array for Satcom Terminals at Ka-Band PDF/DOC
N7NS49 High-Efficiency High-Isolation Dual-Orthogonally Polarized Patch Antennas Using Nonperiodic RAMC Structure PDF/DOC
N7NS50 i2RES Integrated Information Relay and Energy Supply Assisted RF Harvesting Communication PDF/DOC
N7NS51 Impact of Full Duplex Scheduling on End-to-End Throughput in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS52 In-Vehicle Channel Measurement, Characterization, and Spatial Consistency Comparison of  Frequency Bands PDF/DOC
N7NS53 Joint Energy Replenishment and Operation Scheduling in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS54 Joint Precoder and Artificial Noise Design for MIMO Wiretap Channels With Finite-Alphabet Inputs Based on the Cut-Off Rate PDF/DOC
N7NS55 Joint Precoding and RRH Selection for User-Centric Green MIMO C-RAN PDF/DOC
N7NS56 Joint Uplink Radio Access and Fronthaul Reception Using MMSE Estimation PDF/DOC
N7NS57 Leader–Follower Consensus of Multiagent Systems With Energy Constraints A Markovian System Approach PDF/DOC
N7NS58 Linear Degrees of Freedom for K -user MISO Interference Channels With Blind Interference Alignment PDF/DOC
N7NS59 Linear Transceiver Designs for MIMO Indoor Visible Light Communications Under Lighting Constraints PDF/DOC
N7NS60 Line-of-Sight Millimeter-Wave Communications Using Orbital Angular Momentum Multiplexing Combined With Conventional Spatial Multiplexing PDF/DOC
N7NS60 Low-Rank Covariance-Assisted Downlink Training and Channel Estimation for FDD Massive MIMO Systems PDF/DOC
N7NS62 M3BA A Mobile, Modular, Multimodal Biosignal Acquisition Architecture for Miniaturized EEG-NIRS-Based Hybrid BCI and Monitoring PDF/DOC
N7NS63 Max-Min Utility Optimization in Load Coupled Interference Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS64 Millimeter-Wave Beam Training Acceleration Through Low-Complexity Hybrid Transceivers PDF/DOC
N7NS65 Mobile Data Offloading With Almost Blank Subframe in LTE-LAA and Wi-Fi Coexisting Networks Based on Coalition Game PDF/DOC
N7NS66 Mobile RFID System in the Presence of Denial-of-Service Attacking Signals PDF/DOC
N7NS67 Modeling Multicast Group in Wireless Social Networks A Combination of Geographic and Non-Geographic Perspective PDF/DOC
N7NS68 Multilevel Protection to Broadcaster Contour and Its Impact on TV White Space Availability PDF/DOC
N7NS69 Multiplexing and Diversity Gains in Noncoherent Massive MIMO Systems PDF/DOC
N7NS70 Noncoherent Short Packet Detection and Decoding for Scatter Radio Sensor Networking PDF/DOC
N7NS71 Nonlinear Equalization Approaches for Physical Layer Network Coding PDF/DOC
N7NS72 Number of Transmit Antennas Detection Using Time-Diversity of the Fading Channel PDF/DOC
N7NS73 On Jamming Against Wireless Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS74 On Perception and Reality in Wireless Air Traffic Communication Security PDF/DOC
N7NS75 On the Degrees of Freedom of MIMO X Networks With Non-Cooperation Transmitters PDF/DOC
N7NS76 On the Design of Dual Energy Harvesting Communication Links With Retransmission PDF/DOC
N7NS77 On the Feasibility of Full-Duplex Relaying in Multiple-Antenna Cellular Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS78 On the Secrecy Capacity Region of the Two-User Symmetric Z Interference Channel With Unidirectional Transmitter Cooperation PDF/DOC
N7NS79 On the Spatial Error Propagation Characteristics of Cooperative Localization in Wireless Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS80 Optimal Eigenvalue Weighting Detection for Multi-Antenna Cognitive Radio Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS81 Optimal Spectrum Sensing Interval in Energy-Harvesting Cognitive Radio Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS82 Optimal Wireless Energy Charging for Incentivized Content Transfer in Mobile Publish–Subscribe Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS83 Outage Analysis of Spectrum Sharing Over M-Block Fading With Sensing Information PDF/DOC
N7NS84 Output-Based and Decentralized Dynamic Event-Triggered Control With Guaranteed Lp- Gain Performance and Zeno-Freeness PDF/DOC
N7NS85 Parametrization and Applications of Precoding Reuse and Downlink Interference Alignment PDF/DOC
N7NS86 PEEC-Based Multi-Objective Synthesis of Non-Uniformly Spaced Linear Antenna Arrays PDF/DOC
N7NS87 Performance Analysis of Cooperative Systems With Unreliable Backhauls and Selection Combining PDF/DOC
N7NS88 Performance of Non-orthogonal Multiple Access With a Novel Asynchronous Interference Cancellation Technique PDF/DOC
N7NS89 PMNDN Proxy Based Mobility Support Approach in Mobile NDN Environment PDF/DOC
N7NS90 Power-Aware Maximization of Ergodic Capacity in D2D Underlay Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS91 Power-Efficient Distributed Beamforming for Full-Duplex MIMO Relaying Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS92 Practical Opportunistic Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sinks PDF/DOC
N7NS93 Precise Determination of the Optimal Coil for Wireless Power Transfer Systems Through Postprocessing in the Smooth Boundary Representation PDF/DOC
N7NS94 QoS-Aware Enhanced-Security for TDMA Transmissions from Buffered Source Nodes PDF/DOC
N7NS95 QoS-Driven Energy-Efficient Power Control With Random Arrivals and Arbitrary Input Distributions PDF/DOC
N7NS96 Quantifying Trust for Robust Fusion While Spectrum Sharing in Distributed DSA Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS97 Radio Biometrics Human Recognition Through a Wall PDF/DOC
N7NS98 Random Linear Network Coding for Wireless Layered Video Broadcast General Design Methods for Adaptive Feedback-Free Transmission PDF/DOC
N7NS99 Real-Time Traffic State Estimation With Connected Vehicles PDF/DOC
N7NS100 Reducing Latency for Multimedia Broadcast Services Over Mobile Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS101 Reducing the Computational Complexity of Multicasting in Large-Scale Antenna Systems PDF/DOC
N7NS102 Rician MIMO Channel- and Jamming-Aware Decision Fusion PDF/DOC
N7NS103 Scheduling and Power Allocation for Hybrid Access Cognitive Femtocells PDF/DOC
N7NS104 Scheduling Strategy for Multimedia Heterogeneous High-Speed Train Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS105 Secrecy-Optimized Resource Allocation for Device-to-Device Communication Underlaying Heterogeneous Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS106 Secure Transmission in MISOME Wiretap Channel With Multiple Assisting Jammers Maximum Secrecy Rate and Optimal Power Allocation PDF/DOC
N7NS107 SEND A Situation-Aware Emergency Navigation Algorithm with Sensor Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS108 Simultaneous Wireless PowerData Transfer for Electric Vehicle Charging PDF/DOC
N7NS109 SLICOTS An SDN-Based Lightweight Countermeasure for TCP SYN Flooding Attacks PDF/DOC
N7NS110 Social-Oriented Adaptive Transmission in Opportunistic Internet of Smartphones PDF/DOC
N7NS111 Soft-Decision-Aided, Smoothness-Constrained Channel Estimation over Time-Varying Fading Channels With No Channel Model Information PDF/DOC
N7NS112 Space Codes for MIMO Optical Wireless Communications Error Performance Criterion and Code Construction PDF/DOC
N7NS113 Sparse Beamforming for Real-Time Resource Management and Energy Trading in Green C-RAN PDF/DOC
N7NS114 Stability and Frequency Response Under Stochastic Communication Delays With Applications to Connected Cruise Control Design PDF/DOC
N7NS115 Stable and High-Efficiency Wireless Power Transfer System for Robotic Capsule Using a Modified Helmholtz Coil PDF/DOC
N7NS116 Sum Throughput Maximization for Multi-User MIMO Cognitive Wireless Powered Communication Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS117 The Error Propagation Analysis of the Received Signal Strength-Based Simultaneous Localization and Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS118 Theoretical Analysis of Magneto-Inductive THz Wireless Communications and Power Transfer With Multi-Layer Graphene Nano-Coils PDF/DOC
N7NS119 Topological Properties of Secure Wireless Sensor Networks Under the q -Composite Key Predistribution Scheme With Unreliable Links PDF/DOC
N7NS120 Tracking of Wideband Multipath Components in a Vehicular Communication Scenario PDF/DOC
N7NS121 Transmit Beamforming and Power Control for Optimizing the Outage Probability Fairness in MISO Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS122 Understanding the Impact of Employing Relay Node on Wireless Networks PDF/DOC
N7NS123 Unified Capacity Limit of Non-Coherent Wideband Fading Channels PDF/DOC
N7NS124 Use of Transmitter-Side Electrical Information to Estimate System Parameters of Wireless Inductive Links PDF/DOC
N7NS125 User-Centric Visible Light Communications for Energy-Efficient Scalable Video Streaming PDF/DOC
N7NS126 Using Wireless Link Dynamics to Extract a Secret Key in Vehicular Scenarios PDF/DOC
N7NS127 Video Streaming Over Ad Hoc Networks A QoE-Based Optimal Routing Solution PDF/DOC
N7NS128 Wireless Power Transfer With Three-Ports Networks Optimal Analytical Solutions PDF/DOC
N7NS129 A Closed-Loop Reciprocity Calibration Method for Massive MIMO in Terrestrial Broadcasting Systems PDF/DOC
N7NS130 A Cognitive Control Method for Cost-Efficient CBTC Systems With Smart Grids PDF/DOC
N7NS131 A Driver State Detection System—Combining a Capacitive Hand Detection Sensor With Physiological Sensors PDF/DOC
N7NS132 A Dynamic Rate Selection Algorithm for IEEE 802.11 Industrial Wireless LAN PDF/DOC
N7NS133 A Geometry-Based Underwater Acoustic Channel Model Allowing for Sloped Ocean Bottom Conditions PDF/DOC
N7NS134 A Low-Complexity Graph-Based LMMSE Receiver for MIMO ISI Channels With M -QAM Modulation PDF/DOC
N7NS135 A New Metric for Measuring the Security of an Environment The Secrecy Pressure PDF/DOC
N7NS136 A Planar Low-Profile Meander Antenna (PLMA) Design for Wireless Terminal Achieving Between Intrasystem EMC and Isolation in Multiantenna Systems PDF/DOC
N7NS137 A Review on Recent Progress of Portable Short-Range Noncontact Microwave Radar Systems PDF/DOC
N7NS138 A Wideband Dual Circularly Polarized Full-Corporate Waveguide Array Antenna Fed by Triple-Resonant Cavities PDF/DOC
N7NS139 Adaptive Blind Postdistortion and Equalization of System Impairments for a Single-Channel Concurrent Dual-Band Receiver PDF/DOC
N7NS140 Adaptive Cloud Radio Access Networks Compression and Optimization PDF/DOC